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About Us
About Us
Alleira Batik was founded in year 2005, taken from English word ´┐ŻAlluring´┐Ż which means attractive or captivating. Alleira Batik is a batik brand that conserve as well makes modern  and high quality batik that well receives globally.

The vision and mission of Alleira Batik is to raised batik so it became part of the world culture and make batik as an international fashion with high quality design and materials. Alleira Batik produces unique, modern and high quality Indonesian Batik. A good quality of batik process as Indonesian heritage is our priority.

Alleira Batik presents variety of collections which created to become part of today men and women lifestyle who always want to look fashionable. Apart from that, selection of materials has always been Alleira concern to prioritize comfort for all fashionista. Due to the maturity of each collection concepts, each available outfits are easily combined with one another to help simplify all batik lovers in choosing their casual or formal look with batik.